the Scourge of the Wasteland

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The Dusty Start/Part 1.1
It all starts in a tavern

After a long ride through the wasteland, fighting off bandits and the like, Dreg, a junker, found himself in Dogtown, a dusty little hovel where society sprouted like a tumbleweed. Upon arriving, he went into the bar and drank, while his companion, known as Grease Mouse, awoke from the trunk of their 1971 442 Oldsmobile. While Grease Mouse, a mechanic, tried to barter for some scrap to improve their car, Dreg started to chat up another bar patron, an tough and gun carrying person named Taz. After brief interactions, Taz joined the crew, and the three adventurers climbed into the 442 and set off to collect some scrap out in the wastes. However, as they ventured out, they came across a wanderer along the side of the road. They stopped to give the wanderer some aid, albeit with a duneful of mistrust. The stranger led them to a cave, where he explained that a business partner of his was stuck, trapped by large rodents. Although trust wasn't to be found among our adventurers, the promise of riches was more than enough to entice a rescue attempt. Dreg stayed outside to watch the stranger  while Grease Mouse and Taz ventured into the cave. While sneaking through the darkness, they came across three R.O.U.S., which they proceeded to eliminate with ease. After that brief combat, they found the other man, a well dressed and seemingly wealthy man. Upon his rescue, he started to barter a deal, wanting to hire the party to handle some affairs of his. As the party and the two rescued strangers drive back to Dogtown, the gentleman told the party that he is in the gasoline business, and that he wanted our adventurers to murder one Mr. Wilkins, a man who is driving up the price of gas by creating his own sand-gas hybrid. Upon arrival at Dogtown, the adventurers agreed to the mission since they were promised unimaginable amounts of scrap, coins, food, and water. However, to go after Wilkins, the party must pursue one of his henchmen, a man dwelling in Neon Town by the name of the Mongoose. The group is given a round of ale and orders to retrieve the Mongoose's cloak so they can prove their worth as bounty hunters. With that, they went to sleep in their 442, unsure but ready for their future ahead.


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