So this campaign is a little project Stuart started. His basic goal was to make a very simple wasteland/apocalypse system that circumvented a lot of other system bullshit. Now, as we run this campaign, it's basically the beta testing of this system.

Life in the barren waste is rough. Ever since The Fall of Everything, people have fought to survive. Cars are the most prized possession, and water and gasoline are the lifeblood of this land. There is a country, called Irradia, which consists of several clusters of cities and towns, scraps of what once was. These cities are the last strands of humanity to be found, and amid these run down towns, we find our three adventurers, fighting to survive. There is Dreg, the junker who makes his own spears and bombs for combat, Taz, the sharpshooter wielding a submachine gun to tear through enemy ranks, and Grease Mouse, the child mechanic looking to keep the party's car in running order. However, rumors of a new technique of creating gasoline through sand are being spread, and fear strikes the hearts of men as one of the two lifebloods may become controlled by a singular entity. 

the Scourge of the Wasteland

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